How to get more YouTube subscribers

How to get more YouTube subscribersAs you know, running YouTube channels is a very profitable activity that generates income for many people, so the question of increasing the number of subscriptions and the interest of subsequent visitors in what you have to offer is probably at the heart of many who intend to make a living this way.

As you know, not everyone can manage their time well, but it happens that those who run their YouTube channels have a basic knowledge of how to properly manage their channel from the marketing side in order to attract more people who watch the channel.


Whether you know or not, this little icon at the bottom right of the channel can kind of invite more people to collaborate with you. As a cliché, although many people do not know about it, and those who do, sometimes use icons not so skillfully that you cannot see the effect of their work. Of course, it should be said that the icon should be red and have the inscription ‘Subscribe’. It is very important.

‘Top 3 Formulas’

Another way to attract more subscribers, in addition to buy youtube subscribers, is to make videos according to a three-step formula. The first is to include in the first few seconds of editorial information who the channel and the video are actually addressed to.

The second stage in promotion — the channel you might mention explains in some way why you created it.

The third is to talk about subscribing to a channel, if someone really likes a particular material — remember to mention it in every video at the right time.


It seems like a commonplace thing, but as it turns out, everyone who watches this channel and is actively involved in building the community would like to know that the author reads comments and responds to them, so please do not forget to respond to comments from people. This increases the chance that someone will want to follow you.

Winner takes it all

The next strategy to follow to get the most subscribers on your channel is:

Go to the Subscribers tab in Analytics, then YouTube Watch Page — at this point we will see a list of movies with the most views by number of views and … most importantly, now you need to set this video as a movie that will be displayed as INTRODUCTION on the channel. This tactic can lead to even more subscriptions. Also, this movie can be inserted at number 1 into the playlist of video from the channel, the effect can be the same.


As it turns out, the fact that you create good videos and publish them periodically is clearly not enough, you also need to constantly promote yourself, one of the elements of which can be adding a good slogan, and, of course, creating an appropriate logo for the site.